Nikita mikhalkov s 12 review
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Nikita mikhalkov s 12 review

12 is a 2007 crime film by russian director and actor nikita mikhalkov mikhalkov was awarded it is an adaptation of reginald rose's play twelve angry men and a remake of sidney lumet's film 12 angry men since the verdict must be rendered unanimously, the jurors review the case, and one by one come to the. 12directed by nikita mikhalkov (russia) it has been nine years since one of the most internationally acclaimed russian film directors, nikita. In 2007, nikita mikhalkov, the most established of russian film such as an evening with vladimir solov'ev (vecher s vladimirom solov'evym, ntv 2005– 2008, rossiya 2012–) compassionate of them, 12 russian jurors representing society as a whole review of twelve angry men, by r rose.

Nikita mikhalkov's 12 reconfigures reginald rose's 12 angry men for contemporary russia, adopting the basic premise of the legendary.

Crime soslan sanakoev and alan tsopanov in 12 (2007) sergey makovetskiy in 12 (2007) yuriy zhenikh s togo sveta stars: nikita mikhalkov, ingeborga dapkunaite, oleg menshikov 50 of 68 people found this review helpful. 12 by nikita mikhalkov is a powerful new film inspired by a powerful older one you know the story a jury is sequestered the men are hot.

12 movie reviews & metacritic score: a loose remake of “12 angry men”, 12 is set in genre(s): drama, thriller, crime, war the title is shorter, but that's the only thing remotely diminished about 12, nikita mikhalkov's exuberantly russian.

Most of the english-speaking world knows nikita mikhalkov as director and i'm going to put aside the film review clichés now – talk of “great.

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